Stitching Saturday: MSAL Update and new project begun.

I didn’t post last week because I’ve been working on the Mystery Sampler Stitch-A-Long block for November when I had a chance. Between increased hours at work and having crochet orders to fill, I haven’t had much time to do any stitching.

Still, I finally finished the block, a very prettily designed one, and you’ll have to wait until next week to see it. I plan to post the final piece of the sampler as soon as it’s done in December rather than making you wait until the beginning of January.

I am hoping the next MSAL hosted by Linen and Threads will be interesting enough for me to work on in the coming new year. The other Stitch A Longs I’ve seen planned for the winter months and the coming new year haven’t been all that interesting to me so I won’t be doing them. I like things with variety in design not just color.

This was why this MSAL caught and has held my attention for this entire year. Based off Talavera pottery, each section has been different in design, and I was able to choose my own colors. Granted, I’ve used the same group of colors for each block, but that was to add some cohesion to the overall piece. The other non block elements are done in different colors, and the final section will also be done in different colors.

New Project

I’m doing a little kit I’ve had for a while and just never gotten around to making. This year, it’s getting done.

I don’t have a needle minder yet, but I will be getting one when I can. Suggestions on where to find interesting ones are greatly appreciated.

Next time, I’ll be discussing the project planned for 2022 which might just take me all year to do.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


4 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday: MSAL Update and new project begun.

  1. Your new stitching project is so cute! And I can’t wait to see your Linen and Threads Nov section. I’m on the final stretch of the section but just not finding the time to get to the finish line–guess this month turned into a busy one. 🙂 Funny you mentioned needle minders–I just bought some magnets to make a fun one of my own! Hope you find a good one. It’s amusing how often a needle can get lost…

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    1. I am one of those people who keeps their needle in their cloth lol. I try to keep it to the sides so it doesn’t warp the cloth where I’m working. How do you make a needle minder?? I’d like to make one myself if I can figure it out.

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      1. For a DIY needle minder, you only need a pair of magnets, strong glue (like E6000), and one (or two) decorative objects for the top of the needle minder. There are a lot of text and video tutorials on how to make one, and people have used buttons and wooden discs as the top. If you decide to DIY it, hope you have fun!


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