Personal Update: 7 February 2022

I must apologize for being awol these past few weeks: work had me working nights training new people in my department as well as helping out other departments who had people out at other stores helping with inventory counts. Last night was the final night of that crazy schedule and now, I’m back on days. Working nights threw off my entire sleep/work/hobby/writing scehdules let me tell you!!

So here’s what I’ve been up to since I last wrote:

Baby Blanket

I’d been working on a baby blanket for a second co-worker of mine, and she finally decided on the pattern for it.

This C2C blanket ended up being 30inches wide by 36 inches long. My coworker loves it 🙂 I made it using Lion’s Brand Ice Cream Yarn in UBE and an aluminum “G” hook. I forgot how many mm that hook is.

Cross Stitching

First up is my current position on Land’s Baby. I finally got all the thread for the project, I just didn’t have a lot of time to work on it. I’m hoping to get a great deal more done before this coming Saturday, but we’ll see.

The project is taller than it is wide so I have more 20×20 squares down the left side to do than I did across the top. I am using only DMC thread, and it’s being stitched on AIDA cloth, I want to say it’s 16ct. It could be 18ct, I can’t find the package the cloth came in. The color changes in this piece keep me hopping, let me tell you. Once I start on a square I have a hard time stopping. I took this picture because I didn’t have the colors to complete the square at the time, but I do now.

Let’s talk about the MSAL being hosted by Fox and Rabbit. It’s a large piece, the top frame is about 720 stitches or so. I was debating whether I’d actually do the whole thing or just make the frame and put something else inside of it. I have since seen the February chart, and it’s a lovely one. There are actually three frames. Two are big squares of arrows, and the interior is made up of 4 small squares (52 stitches for each one) on the corners of a large center square made up of about 71-72 stitches. The design inside is actually quite lovely so, I’ve decided to take a chance. I’ll be posting the sections as soon as I finish them so you don’t have to wait. Below is the picture of the outer frame, and it’s far from finished because I didn’t have much time to work on it. Working with metallic thread is fiddly as well.

It’s wrinkled because I’m stitching in hand instead of using a hoop. The piece is just too big. I’ll be measuring out the frames and where the very middle square goes so I can do the design as soon as I can. I hope to have something to show you on Saturday as well.


Other than getting the start of a bad sinus infection which my boss thought was Covid so he made me go get tested, I’m fine. I tested negative and was given antibiotics for the infection. I took one day off and then, I went back to work. Within 3 days of starting the medication, I was right as rain. 🙂


I am working on a puzzle which I may, or may not, have mentioned before. It’s of Frederick the Literate, but it’s happily, not exactly the same as the cross stitch piece I did of him. The books are completely different, and there are some new bric-a-brac on the shelves with him along with some from the cross stitch piece. It’s going to be cute when it’s finished.

I am also working on a set of dungeon tiles for my youngest son to use in his tabletop games of Dungeons and Dragons. They’re not going to be anything fancy – he doesn’t want that. Still, I’m doing my best to make them look good despite never having made them before. I watched several tutorials on YouTube before I began.

Other Stuff

As Winter progresses, we’ve had some really cold days. I have begun providing food for the birds that are in the yard as well as a very small gray squirrel. I had originally planned on just feeding the birds, but the poor thing was so hungry he actually let me see him eating out of the sunflower shaped feeder I was using for the birds. Feeling bad for the little one, I got a proper birdfeeder and put squirrel food in the sunflower. Lately, we’ve seen a pair of blue jays, mourning doves and a red headed woodpecker join our little flock of cardinals and songbirds. I don’t know how to identify different small birds, but there’s several with what look to be black caps on their heads who tend to notify the others when I fill the feeders. I wish I had a way to take pictures of them as they’re so fun to watch!

That’s about it for now.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


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