Free Pattern Friday: Crochet Socks

I was trying to come up with something new to crochet, and I was talking to some co-workers about what I could do. I mentioned socks, and two of them(ladies) said they’d wear the socks if I made them. So, I’m going to be teaching myself how to crochet socks!!

Here are some cute and free patterns I found on the Spruce Crafts website:

I am going to start with 1. Basic Toe-Up for my first pair which I plan to wear myself. Then, I’ll try 2. Sweet Crochet Socks for the co-worker who wanted the bootie style sock. After that, I might try 11. Single Crochet socks for the co-worker who wants a pair that go up to mid calf.

If you try any of these patterns please SHARE!! I’d love to see what you make!! There are so many color choices out there now, it’s going to be hard to choose which one to choose for myself. My favorite color is Emerald Green so, maybe, I’ll find a yarn in that color!

See you all on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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