Stitching Saturday: 1, 2 , 3 WIPS!!!

Yes, I now have three WIPs going. I used to be what is called a “monogamous” stitcher which is where you work on one project at a time. YouTube’s Flosstube has corrupted me as well as turned me into a pattern addict. I spent hours, and I do mean Hours, on Etsy hearting patterns I think are cute and might want to make at a later date. I actually bought two digital charts to make later, and I still have like 6 or 7 paper charts I want to make!!! Down the rabbit hole….

So here are the updates on the two projects I’ve been working on since the beginning of the year and then, I’ll show you the one I was given by my special gentleman friend for Valentine’s Day this year. 🙂

Land Baby

First, here is the picture of the painting:

The above is my current position on the project. To me, it looks like my work is darker than the original, but the colors are still very close so, I’m happy with the way it’s coming out. I still have several more 20×20 blocks to stitch before I get to the bottom of the piece and can move over. I think, to break things up, I’ll work horizontally once the current vertical section is done. This is just the left hand side of the painting, I still have the entire right side to do. 🙂 I am still enjoying working on this though I’m having to do it in spurts because of my back.

Fox and Rabbit’s Changing Season Mystery Stitch-A-Long

Here’s the finished block for February. Emmy chose the mirrored image look while I chose the colors. These colors will be used, with others, in the different season blocks coming up. The middle wasn’t related to the seasons, it was just supposed to be a fun start after all the craziness of the frames. I have not completed any of the frames except the one around the current block. I’ll work on the others as they come up.

I only realized after I was done I probably shouldn’t have done gold in the middle of the hearts…

New Project: A Kitty!!

My darling man knows I like cats, and he got me this small project to do. I am working on it a little at a time too. I would like him, the cat, to say something snarky so please, make suggestions!! Rude ones are okay as long as they’re amusing. 🙂

Here’s what the finished project is supposed to look like:

Here’s where I am right now:

I am stitching this one in hand instead of putting it on the hoop the kit provided. I want to see how it looks first. The kit uses DMC floss and AIDA fabric. I am taking my time with this one so I can look for a proper saying before I complete it.

That’s all I have this week. Not a great deal of progress in the grand scheme of things, but it’s progress nonetheless.

Happy Stitching everyone and please, feel free to share your projects with me. I’d love to see what you’re working on!!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

6 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday: 1, 2 , 3 WIPS!!!

  1. I love seeing all your beautiful projects. I think you are exceedingly brave to take on the Land Baby. I can’t wait to see it completed.


  2. Thank you so much! The Land Baby is the most complicated of all the projects I’ve ever done because so many of the stitches are single colors. The back is already looking a mess, but I don’t care. Nobody but me is going to see the back.
    I hope you’re doing well my friend!!


  3. Glad you’re enjoying being a polygamous stitcher! 🙂 Your projects are looking beautiful already. The MSAL is just so colorful, I love it! Switching between horizontal and vertical sections sounds like a good idea for Land Baby. Coming up with ‘appropriate’ rude words for the cat is turning out to be more difficult than I’d imagined, so Etsy / Pinterest is probably more of a friend for that.


  4. I’ll have to go check both of them out – thanks for the suggestion! The March design doesn’t look that big, but it does mean I have to do some framing! Lol Time to hop to it once I get some more work done on Land Baby.

    I’m glad you like the projects I’m showing off. I have a very ambitious one coming up after Land Baby is done and after it, I’m doing Girl With the Pearl Earring for Joe’s girlfriend, Emmy.


    1. You’ve actually got a project lineup! That’s nice. I’ll be looking forward to your updates on all of them.

      The frame is definitely the biggest part for March though it’s not even in the March chart, haha… I’d thought I’ll just add some marks at the frame corners for reference and get to the actual stitching later, but now I’ve decided to at least make a single line of stitches.


      1. I’m just doing the single line of stitching on the frame myself, just so I know where to put the design for March. I do like how the design lines up with the outside corners of the four inner blocks, makes me wonder what else is planned 🙂

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