Stitching Saturday: MSAL April Design Pt.1

I actually started this last night, but I made a mistake so bad I had to rip out almost everything I’d stitched so, I left it for today. After all the picking out of stitches, I began again, counting more carefully this time.

I’m using satin stitches for the leaves, and it makes me think of hand drawn images the way my stitches don’t quite fill the space at certain angles. If you look at it straight on, the two leaves on top are full. I left the two on bottom partially done, and I might leave them that way. What do you all think?? It wouldn’t take much to fill them in.

The design for April is three big flowers in a vase with Spring written below it all. I’m trying to decide if the parts to the side of the flowers are leaves or petals, it could be either. I may wait to see what others are doing before I try them myself.

In the Facebook group, several members are gushing about how gorgeous, amazing etc the new design is, and I’m like “meh, it’s okay”. I wouldn’t voice that opinion there of course, but while the design is pretty, its nothing like the design in the very middle square. It’s not as challenging to me I guess. I’m still going to stitch it, but I’m doing the satin stitches to give me something new.

Let me know what you think about the stitches, do they look good or should I pull them out and just cross stitch the entire thing? For those of you who are stitching this SAL too, what do you think of what I’ve done so far?? Everybody’s opinion – negative or positive but always respectful – are always welcome!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


4 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday: MSAL April Design Pt.1

  1. I like the ‘partial’ look of the bottom leaves, and I think it’s wonderful that you’re using satin stitch for the leaves! Are you using it for the flowers too?
    I’m considering the motifs beside the flowers as leaves, but I’ll add some color to their edges so they could be treated as petals too, haha! 😉
    I love your green border, by the way–it looks amazing.


  2. I ended up filling in the bottom leaves too lol , and I like how they turned out. 🙂 I treated the motifs next to the flowers as leaves as I didn’t think to actually make half of it like a bud You have some great ideas!!

    The big flowers I worked per the pattern, but I do want to do more embroidery stitching so will have to see what next month’s design provides. 🙂

    My special gentleman friend likes the variegated border too – he was very impressed with how it’s turning out. 🙂 I am too to be honest. I will be doing more variegated in the future now that I have it figured out!

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  3. Your piece is looking beautiful. I like the leaves partially filled in, but fully filled in with satin stitch looks great too. I am sure it is even more beautiful and satiny in person. I love your border. The way the greens go light to dark is so beautiful! I have just started my piece and I am using variegated floss. I can’t wait to get to doing the borders so I can see how my floss looks in a continuous line.


  4. Thank you so much for your kind words! I wasn’t comfortable leaving the leaves half done so I completed them. Maybe the next design will lend itself to that effect, we’ll just have to see.

    I’m using variegated thread for the first time, and I made the mistake of doing a line of half stitches and then coming back the other way – the effect wasn’t what it was supposed to be so, I picked everything out. It was a learning experience. Now, I do one stitch at a time, and it’s satisfying to see it working out properly.

    I’m so glad you’ve joined Anita and myself in this project, and I can’t wait to see what you both are doing!!

    In fact, Anita has inspired me to do embroidery so I’m going to be looking at other stitches to see where I can incorporate them too. 🙂


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