Stitching Satuurday: Cat Project Update

How It Should Look

This is how the project I’m doing is supposed to look if you follow the pattern. I’ll be changing the wording to something a bit snarky and adult.

How It Looked #1

This is what I’d done when I first showed you this project some time ago. It’s a small project I do when I don’t feel like working on my two big projects.

Current Look

This is where I’m at now. I’ll need to move the hoop into the correct position before I do the wording, but that’s going to be some time coming I think. I’m not sure since I’ve been gifted another small project.

I don’t count stitches so don’t ask me how many I’ve done. It has one set of blended stitches which help with the texturing, and I like the shading which brings out details. I’ll still have to do some backstitching, but I don’t mind that overly much.

I just thought I’d share this bit with you.

In other news, I’ve begun work on the May design for Fox and Rabbit’s Changing Seasons Mystery Stitch-A-Long, and I will have it ready for you next week. I plan to do more of the frame around the section I’m working in too. I’m not looking forward to restarting work on the silver frame which I regret doing in metallic thread, but I’m not frogging it because I’ve done too much work on it. I’ll just power through it when the time comes.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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