Stitching Saturday: MSAL May

This Mystery Stitch A Long(MSAL) is being hosted by Fox and Rabbit, a pair of Australian designers, fabric/thread dyers and fellow stitchers. It’s called Changing Seasons and each month, a new design is released on the first of the month, Australian time. Since they’re a day ahead of those of us in the U.S., we get it a day early. 😀

May’s design filled one of the small blocks in the center area of the design and was quite simple. I used two of the three colors I’d chosen for Spring to complete it. I also did the third part of the frame that surrounds this center area.

Looking at it laid out this way, I’m wondering if there’s going to be something in the area between the outside frame – mine is silver – and the inside frame – the variegated green. If there’s not, I might look for something because I think leaving it empty wouldn’t look right. That’s just me though. We’ll just have to see what the designers have in mind when the time comes.

So far, I’m not regretting starting this big piece. I might be once I get going on the metallic silver frame. That’s going to take me the rest of the year to complete I’m sure of it.

I’ll see you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


2 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday: MSAL May

  1. Not only am I hoping that there’s something between the two frames, but also that it’s not all squeezed into one month…

    Your May looks very monochrome and wonderful! It also meshes with the center section well. I’ve chosen to split my three colors a bit differently–just shows how varied interpretations can get. 🙂


  2. I lost my list of the colors and how they’re grouped so not sure what I’m going to be choosing for Summer. I have all the colors set aside, I just don’t know how they’re grouped. Lol

    I’m also hoping the center area isn’t squeezed into one month, but it could be.

    I think there was supposed to be a heart in the middle of the May square, but I got distracted and goofed up on how I was alternating my colors so no heart. I still like how it turned out, and you’re right, it does go well with the center. 🙂

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