Stitching Saturday: Another Small

I did say I’d start a small project before the end of the month, and I have. This is going to be adapted to be more snarky and will be given as a gift to a friend who is also a co-worker. She’s a wonderful older woman who has overcome so much to be so much! She is missing the front part of one of her feet and yet, she was a volunteer firefighter and EMT for many many years! Things like that is why she inspires me to do better and be better!!

Here’s the what the small should look like if I was following the original pattern:

The only part I’m keeping is the flowers. I am going to replace the words with a pile pf poop. I might also add a word, but I have to find out if it’s part of what she says the most or not. 🙂

No, I am not correct or polite – though I can be. She’s the same way, snarky, sassy and at times, foul mouthed. It works for us.

Here is what I have so far:

Today, the August part of the Fox and Rabbit Changing Seasons Mystery Stitch A Long drops so, I will be focusing on that and not the small for about a week. I hope it’ll only be a week. It’ll depend on what else happens.

Still, next week the MSAL will return will a new addition as the journey continues.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


Free Pattern Friday: Tablecloth Pt. 4

I don’t understand why the Crocodile Stitch was such a big deal. Personally, I find it too much effort for very little result. If the pattern didn’t call for 3 rows of it, I wouldn’t bother with it. To make things even more annoying, the pattern is worked almost totally in reverse from the way other stitchers make it. I watched a video from the Crochet Crowd

It’s not like what’s in the pattern Rings of Change by Frank O’Randle. It has foundation rows made before the stitches are made.:

This row isn’t sitting down like in the video, it had to be curled down. I’m hoping the other three rows will pull it all down so they sit properly.

I know my stitches are small, but that’s not what’s causing me not to like the stitch. It’s just labor intensive and eats a lot of thread(yarn if you’re using it for the afghan in the original pattern).

Visually, I don’t see the appeal either. I think shells and clusters look nicer, but that’s just me.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten this week. I’ve spent more time cross stitching than crocheting because of this section, but I’ll try harder to spend more time on it. This section won’t last forever, and the journey once begun must come to an end.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!

YouTube Tuesday: Sally Pointer

I’m finally able to sit down and watch some YouTube videos, and I found this lovely creative in my suggestion list while I was watching the newest video from Darkest Raven’s Movie Minis.

I call myself a fiber artist, but this woman has really opened my horizons!! Did you know you can make thread and yarn from stinging nettles, brambles and burdock??? I didn’t, and neither did anyone else I asked. It must be a Northern thing or something – not sure. I’m from the South, and we do a lot of cotton thread and yarn by hand.

I’ve since watched a great many of Sally Pointer’s fantastic videos, and she provides historical background and information along with the different techniques and processes she discusses. She processes the fibers she’s going to use, cleans them, spins or twists them depending on what she’s doing and weaves and sews with the end result.

You can find her entire playlist of videos here : Sally Pointer

My current favorite is:

This video is an introduction to different natural fibers, and she has more detailed videos on her channel which I highly recommend.

Let me know what you think of this and anything else you’ve seen on my blog. I’d love to hear from you!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!

Dollhouse Project: Exterior – Fail

I used paper towels adapting a technique I saw on several YouTube videos only I was experimenting with the technique. It didn’t work all that well….

This was done with sheets of paper towel, mod podge and white acrylic paint. There was a lot of bubbling, and the seams weren’t really covered much at all.

I have learned several things with this attempt, a main one being not to forget to cover All of the paper towel with mod podge before painting. That’s why there’s bubbles I’m pretty sure.

It was a fail, but it wasn’t an epic one so, I’m okay with it. I’ll take it down and on my next day off, I’ll tear up paper towels into much much smaller pieces and make sure it’s ALL covered in mod podge before I paint.

If anyone has any other tips or tricks or suggestions, comments feel free to leave them below. I’ll happily consider all of it as long as it’s constructive and respectable.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Saturday Stitching: Land Baby Pt. 9

Another week gone, and I have actually had some progress on this project! I may not get this first half done by the end of the month the way I wanted, but I’m still moving forward so, it’s all good.

Here is what she looked like last week:

This is where I am now:

It doesn’t look like much, but that small section is almost 1000 stitches! Working on 18ct Aida the stitches are quite small. Still, she’s coming together nicely!

She will be going into a standard frame, maybe a light brown one. I haven’t decided on color yet.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!

Free Pattern Friday: Tablecloth Pt 3

This tablecloth is an adaptation of a pattern written by Frank O’Randle and sold on Ravelry under the name Rings of Change. He has a free pattern called Mini Rings of Change which is the first 42 rows of the main pattern. The full pattern is around 112 rows. The original pattern is for an afghan as well.

I am using crochet thread and a size 1.0mm crochet hook. I’m not sure if that’s a steel hook size or not since I was given a hook with a blue plastic handle with 1.0mm on it, and I’m using it. I’m also using what thread I have on hand that was given to me over the years. None of them have labels on them, and they’re of various sizes. This makes the tablecloth curl in places, but I’m okay with that. This project is for me.

The last time I posted, it looked like this:

I believe I’d finished the Mini Rings of Change at this point and had decided to buy the full pattern when I could. I bought the full pattern this past week, and now, it looks like this:

The tablecloth is now at row 50. The next 4 rows create the foundation for the Crocodile Stitch. This is one I have been avoiding trying since it was first developed many many years ago. I just didn’t see the point in doing that much work for something with limited use. I can’t avoid it now, not if I want to continue with the pattern. So, I’ll tough it out and go on knowing I at least tried it once.

Overall, this project has been a lot of fun, and I’m going to have something pretty and colorful to use when it’s done.

What projects are you working on?? Share them in the comments as I’d love to know what creative things everyone is into these days.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!

Dollhouse Project: A Minor Fix and Exterior Work Pt. 1

I was finally able to find time to work on the dollhouse again, and I’ve gotten a little bit done. The last time you saw it, it looked like:

You can clearly see the gap between the walls on the left hand side. I used a technique I saw on one of Ara’s videos. Ara is the creative behind Bentley House MInis, and she is one of the two people who inspired me to try this project!

The technique involves using what she calls a paper “bandage” to cover up the gaps. You basically cut out strips of paper wide enough to cover the gap and attach to the walls on either side. Here’s what it looks like in place:

I used strips cut from the very thin box my cat’s wet food comes in. I measured them to fit, and I folded them in half before gluing them into place. They’ll be covered with wall paper and will never be seen again.

Update : Here is the link Ara kindly sent to me showing the paper “bandage” though she doesn’t actually use that term in this video. I think she does in one of the Fairfield videos :

Now, my attention is turned to the exterior of the house. I wanted to get it done before I put the roof on because of the overhang. I didn’t want to try texturing or painting in what’s going to be a very small space.

I used a technique I saw on Chantal’s channel for this. Chantal is the creative behind Darkest Raven’s Movie Minis(it used to be Darkest Raven’s Designs). This technique allows you to make wood look like stone using watered down glue and tissues or paper towels. I have only done one layer so far because I’m actually experimenting with the technique.

The above is the back of the house. It’s not fully covered and as you can see, there’s some transparency happening. I’ll be doing a second layer, and I will be painting. Second Empire French chateaus had white paint via a lime wash over the stone, and this is what I’m trying to recreate.

Since the house is half scale, the stone texture has to be very small and pretty subtle. I’m hoping this technique will work because ripping tissue into tiny tiny shreds is the only other option – not a fun one either.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this experiment as I can. My work schedule is still all over the place so planning time to do anything is nigh on impossible. Still, I’m trying.

I’ll be adding links to the videos showing both techniques as I learned them as soon as I find the videos again. 🙂

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Saturday Stitching: Land Baby Pt. 8

I had to work some long, varied hours so I didn’t get as much stitching done on the Land Baby as I wanted to. Still, I have made progress>

Here is where I was at my last update:

Here is where I am now:

My apologies for the blurred picture. I was having a hard time holding the camera still. As you can still see, I didn’t get very far. Despite this, there’s a great more detail including the side of her face.

I’m hoping to have a lot more done by the time I post for this project again. My goal is still to complete this side of the picture by the end of the month.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!

Dollhouse Project: Floors 3 and 4

The last time I posted about my project: my first ever dollhouse made almost from scratch, I had just put on the second floor.

This isn’t the greatest photo of it, but as I’ve said in the past, I’m not a professional photographer so I do my best.

Anyhow, I have now gotten the third and fourth floors on as well as the left wall so here is what it looks like now:

Again, not the best picture, but you can see I’ve made a great deal of progress. 🙂 Not all of the walls are straight which was my fault because I thought they were when I glued them on. Since it’s not a major slant, I’ll be leaving them this way. This is a learning project after all.

I still have to put up the walls for the attic rooms and place the mansard roof on. Because this is supposed to be a renovated French chateau Second Empire style, I’m not going to be period on the inside, and I’ll be doing my best to be on the outside. I’m also debating what rooms should be in the attic since this is going to be a large space.

I was also given a vintage miter saw and it’s box by a customer of mine with whom I’d been discussing this project and the issues my son and I were having getting the walls cut straight. He gave me this saw because he’d gotten a power saw for his business, and he knew I can’t afford power tools right now.

This is a Sears Craftsman Miter Saw Model 881.36343 made originally back in the 1980s. It’s still in great working condition despite its age and the rust on the saw blade. I’ll be looking to replace the blade with something newer and not so rusted. If I can’t, I’ll be cleaning as much rust as I can off the blade and continuing to use it. I’ll be getting some WD40 to help clean up the parts that need it too. Overall, I’m blessed to have received this especially in this good condition!

Once the roof and attic are in place, I’ll add the fireplace bodies on the outside, and I’ll begin work on the walls turning wood to stone. I’ll also fix the gap on the left side between the left wall and the back wall. There’s still a lot of work to be done on the body of the house before I can begin work on the inside.

It’s been fun so far despite all the issues, and I’m looking forward to progressing further as time goes on. This is not going to be a rush job as I want to do the best with every part of it I can. I haven’t had any epic failures, yet, and I hope I don’t. We shall see.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Stitching Saturday: WIP Parade!!

It’s been a while since I posted about my stitching so I want to get everything caught up at once.

Matrix Stitch A Long

I stopped doing this. I was paid to make this by a woman who wanted it as a gift for her boyfriend. She and said boyfriend broke up, and she said for me to keep the money since I did so much work on the first page. The first page was actually done early so she could see I was serious about getting it done for her. I haven’t continued with it because personally, I found the pattern boring.

Fox and Rabbit’s Changing Season’s Mystery Stitch A Long

I not only finished June’s design, I also finished July’s:

I was originally going to July’s design – the box on the left – in shades of purple, but I changed my mind when it came time to actually begin stitching. I’m glad I did because I think it turned out much better this way. Next month begins Fall, and I’ll be using oranges, dark reds and browns mostly, for the design. I’m curious to see what it’s going to be. The middle will most likely be a pumpkin, but we’ll see.

Land Baby

Here is where we were my last post:

Here is where I’m at now:

So much pops out when you take a step back from the piece!

I’ll be working this in rows from now on – 20 squares down and 50 squares across.

My Small Project

In my Update posted earlier this month, I mentioned I’d chosen to make a small as a gift for a wonderful woman who runs a Facebook group I’m in. Her name is Diane Gill, and she is the owner/operator/admin/main moderator for ☀ī¸ Cross Stitch Kindness ☀ī¸ Stash Donations & Rescue Party! She has rescued and rehomed more charts and threads and other cross stitch related items than I can count, and she does it for free!!

I decided to ask her what her favorite colors are, got her opinion on the flowers and finished the rest without her knowing exactly what I was making. I’ll be sending it to her with an envelope full of charts for her to rehome:

It’s a mini biscornu. I forgot to take a picture of one of the sides so you can see how it looks. This is great for a little pin cushion for her I think. 🙂 I made it using 18 ct whilte Aida, DMC floss in shades of blue and green and medium yellow for the borders. It’s about three inches at the widest. I used small blue beads instead of buttons the pattern called for because I couldn’t find any small enough.

I have a Dimensions project I’ll be using as my next small thought it won’t be as small as this one.

That’s all for my parade. 🙂 Next week, I’ll be posting my progress on Land Baby. I don’t think I’ll be starting my small this week. I’ll be too busy with work and Land Baby, but I will start it this month.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!