Personal Update – 3 July, 2022

My life has been a maelstrom the last couple of month, and I’m still in choppy waters even as the storm is beginning to lull.


My schedule was changed so it’s all over the place now. I was passed over for promotion as well, but the job went to someone who deserves it too so, I’m not unhappy about it. I have applied for a full time position in another department, and I have an interview on Monday, 4 July. Yes, I have to work on a national holiday….

Special Gentleman Friend

Our relationship has become a bit stressed due to his behavior towards me these past couple of months. We’re working through it, but things have changed between us. Only time will tell if it will get better even as we work on it.


My stitching has been the only thing keeping me sane even as I struggle to find time to work on my projects. I work middays a lot now, and it’s hard to begin working on something only to have to put it down to go to my job. I don’t see how other people can put in a full day of work and then come home to do around 500 to 1000 stitches!

I did finish the June design on the Fox and Rabbit MSAL as well as one more side of the silver frame on the outside of the design. I’ll be posting pictures soon.

I found a small project to work on when I didn’t have time for the bigger pieces. It’s a mini biscornu, and I’m making it for the admin of a Facebook cross stitch group I’m a part of. This woman is really active, giving and so kind. I felt she needs a thank you so I’m making her one. I found a lovely free pattern from Tiny Modernist which I’ll link to when I post pictures of it. I need to get some filler and some beads to complete it.

Online Classes

I’m trying to resume my online language and business classes. Luckily these are go at your own pace classes so I don’t have to stress about deadlines. I have enough to stress about as it it.


The main body of the house is done, and I’ll be posting pictures of it soon as well. It just needs its roof and attic walls put in. It’s been a learning experience as I’ve never built a dollhouse before. The learning will continue when I begin working on the outside turning wood into stone. I also need to add the outside parts of the fireplaces I’ll be adding to the house.


I finished the Fantail Fantasy afghan for my coworker, and she about cried on me. It contained all the yarn she’d given me from her late sister’s stash, and I only had to add a little store bought to complete it. She was very close to her sister, and this will help keep her close still.

I’ve also started adding more simple patterns to my Ribblr store. I’ll post about that later but for those of you who design knit and crochet patterns, this is a new venue I strongly recommend checking out.

In Closing

It’s been a horrible couple of months – stressed, depressed, distressed, upset, angry, tired, overwrought and a hundred other things. I am so ready for a vacation, but I don’t have enough time saved up so, I just have to wait.

Despite all this, I have managed to hang on to my sanity, my snark and my sense of humor so, it’s not all bad. I’ll be back to posting regularly as things slowly calm down again.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


2 thoughts on “Personal Update – 3 July, 2022

  1. I had my interview today, and I feel it went well. Still, this doesn’t guarantee I’ll get the position. I’ll just have to wait. Thank you so much for the well wishes as I’ve needed them! 🙂

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