Dollhouse Project: Floors 3 and 4

The last time I posted about my project: my first ever dollhouse made almost from scratch, I had just put on the second floor.

This isn’t the greatest photo of it, but as I’ve said in the past, I’m not a professional photographer so I do my best.

Anyhow, I have now gotten the third and fourth floors on as well as the left wall so here is what it looks like now:

Again, not the best picture, but you can see I’ve made a great deal of progress. 🙂 Not all of the walls are straight which was my fault because I thought they were when I glued them on. Since it’s not a major slant, I’ll be leaving them this way. This is a learning project after all.

I still have to put up the walls for the attic rooms and place the mansard roof on. Because this is supposed to be a renovated French chateau Second Empire style, I’m not going to be period on the inside, and I’ll be doing my best to be on the outside. I’m also debating what rooms should be in the attic since this is going to be a large space.

I was also given a vintage miter saw and it’s box by a customer of mine with whom I’d been discussing this project and the issues my son and I were having getting the walls cut straight. He gave me this saw because he’d gotten a power saw for his business, and he knew I can’t afford power tools right now.

This is a Sears Craftsman Miter Saw Model 881.36343 made originally back in the 1980s. It’s still in great working condition despite its age and the rust on the saw blade. I’ll be looking to replace the blade with something newer and not so rusted. If I can’t, I’ll be cleaning as much rust as I can off the blade and continuing to use it. I’ll be getting some WD40 to help clean up the parts that need it too. Overall, I’m blessed to have received this especially in this good condition!

Once the roof and attic are in place, I’ll add the fireplace bodies on the outside, and I’ll begin work on the walls turning wood to stone. I’ll also fix the gap on the left side between the left wall and the back wall. There’s still a lot of work to be done on the body of the house before I can begin work on the inside.

It’s been fun so far despite all the issues, and I’m looking forward to progressing further as time goes on. This is not going to be a rush job as I want to do the best with every part of it I can. I haven’t had any epic failures, yet, and I hope I don’t. We shall see.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


2 thoughts on “Dollhouse Project: Floors 3 and 4

  1. The three rooms which are almost identical in size and located basically in the middle of floors 1-3 are for staircases. I was to make sure I include them though I know many dollhouse makers don’t, I get itchy when I think of not having a visible way to get around. I won’t be putting in working doors between the rooms – not this time. I was thinking I’d just get pictures of doors. The only place that will have working doors will be the front doors – a double set as befits Second Empire French design. 🙂

    I plan to use the saw for this dollhouse and for future projects as long as it works. I plan to take good care of it too. 🙂

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