LIVE Bird Feeder Cam (4K) Gettysburg PA, over 30 species identified.

I just happened to come across this channel today, and I am loving it!! It’s a live feed but even if it wasn’t, I’d enjoy it immensely,

One of the draws of being in the country is being able to actually hear/see the birds and see the wildlife. I live in the outskirts of a medium sized city with a fairly decent sized yard. This means we have birds who come to live in the trees along with other wildlife. We actually have a possum living under our house, and I think it’s a female. We don’t really see her though, but that’s okay.

I love this video because I can stitch and listen to the birds or crochet and watch. There are a lot of birds on this video feed I won’t see unless I go North because they don’t live around my area of the South.

I live in East Texas USA, and this feed is from Pennsylvania USA which is far to the north.
I hope you enjoy this live feed as much as I’m going to!

If any of you have links or sites with live feeds such as this one, please share them!! I’d love to be able to see wildlife from different places than my own!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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