Saturday Stitching: Haul!

Yesterday, I went to a thrift store I donate to and occasionally buy from. They support and end of life care facility so, I do what I can to help them out.

After I dropped my donations off, I went over to check out their craft supplies. Of late, there hasn’t been anything I’ve been interested in, but I still went to check, just in case,

I ended up buying about $37 of craft supplies that easily cost more in stores.

Everything was in very good condition and, many of the kits were still intact! I actually found 3 that had never been opened!

This haul is good not just for me, but for the group I’m in where we pass on charts and other cross stitching goodies to others in the group who want them. This helps in so many way! The things I don’t use, I’ll be sending to the group moderator to offer to the group.

I’ll be keeping the thread with no markings or numbers or anything, and I’ll use them in my little stitching projects. I have doubles of two of the kits so the extras will be donated whole and later, I’ll donate the charts.

I don’t mark on the original charts so everything is clean. I might even buy thread for the charts and pass them on too so the new owners will only have to get fabric of their own choosing.

I feel very good about this haul because it helps me, it helps the thrift store, and it will help others in the group.

This said, I’d be happy to pass things along to anyone here who is interested. Just let me know in the comments below. As I work on a project from this haul, I will be sharing it to you all.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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