Personal Update: August 2022

Things are finally smoothing out and looking up for me. 🙂


I have a regular schedule again with a rotating weekend guaranteed to come around once a month. It comes at different time though, but the schedule is made in such a way plans can easily be made. The store is also encouraging cross training so I’ll be leaving my department to work in other departments from time to time. This helps with the monotony of always working in the same area. I’m also getting cross trained in an admin position on the off chance this person goes on vacation leaving someone needing to fill in for them.


I’m behind on Land Baby which I’d wanted to have done by the end of the year, but the other projects I’ve had planned for this year are coming along nicely. I’ve done small projects I haven’t written about because they were spur of the moment things that I did on a whim.


This is a multi year project so it deserves it’s own update. The exterior is almost done, and I’ve begun work on the inside. I will be making a great deal, but there will be a great many things I’ll end up buying or have made since they will be beyond my little beginner skills. I am actually quite pleases with the way it looks so far.


I’ve been stalled out with the book, Golden Knave. With all the turmoil going on, working on the dollhouse and stitching took me out of myself. Writing hasn’t been something I’ve been able to focus on, but I’m hoping since things have gotten better, I’ll be more able to sit and devote myself to my book.


My gentleman friend and I are back on good terms again especially after spending time together this past weekend. It’s the first time we’ve been together since the issues we had that nearly tore us apart. This has been hurting me so much I was sure we’d never be in the same room together again. We’ve talked some but always on the phone or via text. I’m just glad we’ve gotten things resolved and can move forward again.


Mimi is fat and sassy as always. She’s my constant friend and companion, and we love being together. Now that it’s not raining so much, and it’s not a scorcher when it’s not raining, we’ve been enjoying early mornings outside. She was basking in the early morning sun just a few hours ago in fact.

That’s my life in a nutshell. I work, I go home, and I work on my projects. Once a month, I get to see my gentleman friend – or will now that I’m on a proper rotation. It’s not the most exciting life, but it’s mine. I’m content with things as I’ve learned they could always be worse, and they have been more often than I’d like.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


3 thoughts on “Personal Update: August 2022

  1. I only meant to take up one, the dollhouse, but Land Baby is going to be a two year project unless I can get some serious stitching time in. Maybe on my vacation…. We’re doing the Texas Haunted Road Trip at the beginning of October – at least half of it anyway. 🙂

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