Saturday Stitching: 2 FFOs!!

Work has been hectic now that holiday season in the retail world is upon us. I was still able to get my two small projects completely done!


This was a cute little project I personalized by removing a part on the tongue of the shoe, adding beads, and adding metallic thread. It came out lovely, and I decided to put it in a shadow box.

This was a quick photo op, the frame isn’t secured so it’s loose. I really like how this turned out!

The next on is a mini biscornu which I made for Mad Morti’s delightful hubby, David. His turned out to be a bit larger than hers. His is the one on the left:


The one with the ducks is for David, and the one with the skulls is for Morti.

I chose bees because David’s working on a bee right now.

I’ll be sending these two off later this week.

I need to get some fusible interface and then, I’m working to create another FFO.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


Saturday Stitching: MSAL – October Design Done!

It took me longer than I’d planned to get this last square done, but it’s finally finished. I can’t wait to see what November is going to look like – December too. If December is the MSAL name, Changing Seasons and the date, I’m going to find something else to fill in the space. I just don’t see myself doing that. I didn’t do it on last year’s MSAL either.

Anyway, here is what the block looks like:

Here’s what the overall piece looks like now:

I’m still not sure what colors I’m going to use. I guess it’s going to depend on what flowers and such are used. It won’t be much longer before the next one is released.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Free Pattern Friday – Sadie Sampler Half Circle Shawl by Kristin Omdahl

This is a gorgeous shawl, and I’m definitely going to be making this in November when I have the money for the yarn.

I love how the designer has layered all the different stitches to make something so light, lacy and feminine!

If you decide to make this, please share pictures of it finished! I’ll be linking this post to the one I’ll be making of the shawl once I’ve made it.

Sadie Sampler Half Circle Crochet Shawl

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Saturday Stitching: MSAL – September

It took a while, but I finally got September’s design done. The center is a pumpkin, and the two outsides are pomegranates – to me at least. I think I did a pretty good job of getting the Autumn color scheme right.

I’m now working on October’s design which goes in the little square on the right. I’m thinking of using lavender for some line work. Does that say Winter to anyone?? I’m not from an area of the United States that gets snow normally so I could use some help choosing a color. Maybe, I should use black??

I hope to have October’s design done in the next few days so I can get some smalls done: David’s biscornu and a new start using blackwork which I haven’t started yet.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!

YouTube Tuesday: Stitch Man Darcy

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and I do apologize. I just don’t seem to have time to watch everyone on my list and still find new people to watch. I’ve actually had to cull a few from my list – ikr!

Stitch Man Darcy comes highly recommended from three of the people I watch on Flosstube videos featuring cross stitching and the people who love it so much so, I decided to give him a looksee.

He’s funny, he’s talented, and he doesn’t take himself very seriously. In fact, he tends to avoid being serious even when he’s showing off his beautiful work. He works primarily on full coverage projects with most being designs by Heaven and Earth Designs aka HAED, and he loves his 18ct Aida fabric. He’s also a big fan of Alice in Wonderland. That’s not to say he doesn’t work on other subjects – he’s doing a portrait of Jimmy Stewart right now.

I’m linking to his newest video below, but I do recommend watching his older videos as well -Princess with Himalayan Cat is incredible!

He does curse so fair warning!

If you like his channel, please let him know by Liking, and if you really like him, be sure to Subscribe! Let me know what you think about him in the comments below.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Dollhouse Project: Exterior Walls are Done!

I know my camera skills are not the best, but I think you can still see the progress I’ve made on the exterior walls of the house. I need to put up some fireplace stacks and chimney tops eventually but for now, this is where I’m at.

I plan to move indoors and start putting in flooring on the Ground Floor. I want to do stone in the basement and wine cellar, wooden floors in the back entrance and walk in pantry and tile in the kitchen and washroom. I’m not sure how I’m going to do the tile yet, but the other two I have seen a great many videos on how to do all of it so it’s just a matter of giving it a try myself.

Sorry about the mess. I have a small part of a room for my crafting so things get a bit cluttered and messy at times.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Saturday Stitching: An FO, a Small and the MSAL

I have one finished small project. I started it a week before my vacation started, while I was waiting for my car to be worked on. I finished it this past Thursday,

The above is what it’s supposed to look like. It’s a DMC Cross Stitch Starter Kit design. The kit came with 7 skeins of floss, each a different color, 2 pieces of 14 ct white Aida, a tapestry needle. a hoop and a book with 6 designs in it. The supplies were enough to make two of the designs.

Now me, I made some changes to the shoe. The pattern is simply named Shoe…

The original pattern was only stitched, nothing special on it. I added some bling to it. The red beads are upside down hearts. I didn’t like the hearts of the tongue of the shoe so, I left them off. I think my shoe looks more fun than the original.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to finish it completely yet. I’ll need something like a shadow box if I decide to frame it. I could give it away as is as well. I just made it because it was small, quick and fun.

What do you think?? Suggestions/comments welcome!

Then, there’s my other small which I shared with you all last month. It’s the Mill Hill beaded ornament I started.

This is what it looked like last time I talked about it. It’s being worked on 28 ct lavender even weave. I have never done so much frogging in my life!! It’s hard to see it unless I really focus, even with my magnifiers on.

I’ve discovered I don’t like working with beads this small. It’s time consuming, fiddly and annoying – to me. A friend of mine has graciously consented to take this project off my hands and finish it for herself.

I like working on even weave fabric, but I’m not a huge fan of beading something that small. I don’t see myself doing another one in the future though they are quite pretty.

I’m behind on the MSAL, but I’m working to catch up. I’ve done half of September’s design so far, and I’m trying to figure out what colors to use for October’s.

Pomegranates and pumpkins oh my! 🙂

I also wanted to show you two things I discovered on my visit to Fort Worth Texas on Thursday. We went to the Montgomery Street Antique Mall where we discovered a lovely little cafe called The Secret Garden Restaurant.

We both had the Secret Sampler and shared an order of Bread Pudding for desert.

Anyway, while in the antique store, I found these very interesting looking wall art pieces, and I took a picture of one of them:

I just noticed the price tag. OMG!!! I could make something like this for way less, even framed!

I bought a tapestry kit as well, but I don’t have a picture of it to show yet. Surprisingly, the kit is fully intact with plastic over the bottom of the box where the yarn it. It has gone into my To Do pile for next year.

That’s it for this week. I start work on Monday so, I’ll be back to having limited time for my projects. My main focus is going to be the MSAL, but I’ll also be working on some other small projects as I get the time. I haven’t forgotten the dollhouse either. I hope you like the progress I’ve made on it thus far. I’ll be writing about it soon.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!

Free Pattern Friday: Baby Blankets!

I have two co-workers I have promised baby blankets to. One is a brand new daddy with his first ever baby being born at the beginning of September. He’s been on paternity leave, and he’ll be back when I get back from vacation. I’m hoping the blanket is big enough since he hasn’t told anyone any details about the baby yet.

His blanket is made using Baby Bee Adore-A=Ball in Happy Face. I used 6 balls of yarn and a size M/N(9mm) hook.:

The paw belongs to my son’s orange and white tabby, Butterscotch.

My other co-worker is going to be a brand new granddad with his first grandchild expected in December. He doesn’t know the gender of the baby yet, so I went with white.

This baby blanket is also made with Baby Bee Adore-A-Ball but it’s called Angel:

I’m also using the M/N (9mm) hook for this one too.

I haven’t measured either one but when I do, I’ll update this post.

While I like how this “yarn” feels, I don’t really care for working with it. It’s like homespun only slicker. I won’t be using it for any future projects.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!

Vacation 2022: Day 5

Well, my plans for having a total Haunted Texas Road Trip for my entire vacation this year fell flat today.

Joe and I were on our way to Jefferson Texas to stay at the Excelsior Hotel and take one of the ghost tours being given tonight. We stopped for something to eat when we were almost an hour out of town, and it was the biggest mistake we’ve made all week.

Within twenty minutes of eating and getting back on the road, we were both very ill. We’d both had the chicken salad with tea and salads. It was a Waldorf chicken salad so I thought the taste was from the dressing they’d used. Whatever it was, we were both sick. It took longer to get home than it did to drive that far, and we were both miserable the entire way back.

In fact, I’m only now able to actually get around besides running to the bathroom. I’m glad I had this morning to work on some baby blankets for some co-workers of mine. One is completely done, and the other is still in the works. I’ll be writing a separate post about them right after this.

I am disappointed about Jefferson, but there’s always another vacation so, we’ll try this again. Of course, I may try to check out some places on my days off too – we’ll see how it goes.

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in our little adventure, and we did have a couple of great experiences so, there’s that.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!

Vacation 2022: Day 3 and 4

Day 3

As soon as we got home from Huntsville the night of Day 2, Joe wanted to go to the store. The car wouldn’t start. The battery was stone dead! I had to wait until I got paid last night then when the car parts place opened to get another battery.

This means we had to stay home on Day 3. It sucked, but it couldn’t be helped. Luckily, I didn’t book the room for the Excelsior so I wasn’t out any money. Something told me not to book the room when we got back from Huntsville, and I’m glad I didn’t.

Day 4

Just got home from visiting my granddaughter in Fort Worth. We were supposed to go see her on Saturday, but baby momma decided to go on a date Saturday so, it was see her today or wait for a while to see her again. It’s already been 3 months since my son saw his daughter already. It’s a long story and not mine to tell.

Needless to say, we drove about 3 hours to Fort Worth, and we had to wait for her to get out of school so we checked out an antique store in downtown Fort Worth. I abhor driving in Fort Worth’s downtown! It’s worse than Houston! I swear the people there are absolutely nuts!! The antique store was next to the Botanical /Japanese Gardens, and there’s a lovely gem of a cafe inside! It’s called the Secret Garden Restaurant and features lovely English style tea service complete with bread pudding and scones with clotted cream!

We then met Granddaughter and baby mama at the park by their place, and we had a lovely visit. The drive back was fine as well.

I’m glad I got to see her, but I’m a bit down I didn’t get to do any ghost hunting.

Tomorrow, Joe is going to be with Em when she goes to her eye doctor’s appointment. They’ll be dilating her eyes to look at her retinas. She’s been having some serious headaches, and the doctors want to make sure there’s no swelling or anything since the headaches coincide with her eyes bothering her.

This means possibly, no checking out “haunted” places again. We’ll see how it goes.

Still, my vacation so far has been fun!. I have 3 more days before I go back to work.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!