Saturday Stitching: 2 FFOs!!

Work has been hectic now that holiday season in the retail world is upon us. I was still able to get my two small projects completely done!


This was a cute little project I personalized by removing a part on the tongue of the shoe, adding beads, and adding metallic thread. It came out lovely, and I decided to put it in a shadow box.

This was a quick photo op, the frame isn’t secured so it’s loose. I really like how this turned out!

The next on is a mini biscornu which I made for Mad Morti’s delightful hubby, David. His turned out to be a bit larger than hers. His is the one on the left:


The one with the ducks is for David, and the one with the skulls is for Morti.

I chose bees because David’s working on a bee right now.

I’ll be sending these two off later this week.

I need to get some fusible interface and then, I’m working to create another FFO.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Stitching: 2 FFOs!!

  1. Love the shoe! So glad you went with the shadowbox–it’s perfect for it. Both biscornus have turned out really cute! The all-black Morti one is awesome as expected, and I also like the colors you’ve picked for the David one. I’m sure they’ll be delighted!


  2. I really like the one I made for Morti. She likes Gothic stuff. David is stitching the Celtic Bee right now, and he did a bear with a bee on it so I figured I’d do a cute one for him. 🙂 I do hope they’ll like them.

    I have to give props to designers who create things from nothing like the biscornu designs. I pieced together several elements to make mine, and it wasn’t easy to do. I can’t see myself doing it full time….


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