Saturday Stitching: Embroidery

The last time I embroidered something was when I did the leaves on the Fox and Rabbit Changing Seasons MSAL. I didn’t really like what I’d done and after some research, I discovered why they didn’t look like they should – I’d done the satin stitch incorrectly. Before then, I hadn’t done any embroidery since I was about 16 – 30 some odd years ago.

Not long after I did the leaves, I was gifted with an embroidery kit:

I was actually quite excited to get this, and I quickly chose a section to work on first:

Once I got the hoop onto the fabric and actually looked at the pattern I lost interest. I told myself I’d start it later. Later became two days ago when I was wanting to stitch something, but I neither wanted to work on the MSAL not wanted to start something new. I took out the kit, got out the project and started watching embroidery videos on YouTube by Sarah Homfray Embroidery

I really like how soothing her voice is and how informative her videos are. I’d watched some of her videos before – couching gold work is very cool. I chose to do the stems first and watched a video to see how to do the stem stitch properly – turns out I’d done this one incorrectly in the past as well.

I’ve moved on to leaves now which use the satin stitch and after a fun video, I now make them properly too. I like the way they look a lot more now. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m not a total dud either.

I’m only going to work on this project when I really need something different to do so, it won’t get done any time soon. I will share my progress from time to time so you’ll be seeing more of this in the future just not on a regular basis. I do have to say, now that I’m doing the stitches correctly, I’m a lot happier with the whole project.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Stitching: Embroidery

  1. Sarah’s name sounded familiar, and I discovered I’ve watched some of her blackwork videos during my research. I like the look of your embroidery so far, and love how it’s supposed to look when done–it’ll be a beautiful tablerunner!

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  2. I really enjoy watching Sarah’s videos. I’ve even watch a couple she did on the Royal Academy in England, and I know I’ll never reach that level of skill!!

    With all the cross stitching planned in the new year, this project will give me some time to rest from time to time. I’m also going to love the resulting runner – it’s perfect for a low table a friend of mine made me by hand.

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