Saturday Stitching: MSAL – November Done, December Begun

I haven’t posted anything since last Saturday because I’ve only been working on two things this entire time:

Class for Work

Fox and Rabbit’s 2022 MSAL – Changing Seasons

When December’s design dropped on 1 December, I was like

“OMG!! It’s so big, there’s so much to do!!”

Then, I panicked

“What colors am I going to use?! How do I choose??”

I walked away to calm down, and I came back an hour later to study the design a bit closer. I became a mumbler

“Well, this could work. I could do yellow here. No, that would be better over here.”

Eventually, I chose a course of action and a couple of colors, and I started work on December right after I finished the last little bit on November.


My count was off on the left so I had to do a bit of finagling to try to get the flower to line up properly. I think I did okay.


Because my outside frame is off from the inside frame, I decided to start in the corners and work towards the center of each side. This will also keep me from getting bored doing something repetitious. Just using a different color will help me stay focused. The above is work I’ve done since December 1 until today, December 3. I’m not rushing to finish this as this is the last bit in the design.

I am glad it’s not the Name/Date design I was dreading, and I’m also glad it’s not more detailed like the center. Still, there’s a lot of stitching still left to get done.

I’ll be focusing on this project until I get it done because it’s the last project of the year I want to get done. Despite the size of the overall piece and all the mistakes I’ve made in creating it, I still am happy I decided to do this project.

I’ve joined a Blackwork SAL that will last the entire 2023. It’s from Peppermint Purple, and I think it will be a great learning experience for me.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


One thought on “Saturday Stitching: MSAL – November Done, December Begun

  1. Your November looks great, and I love the cooler colors you’ve used. And amazing job with the finagling–it’s really hard to tell if there was anything you needed to fix! As for December, I have to say I too am glad it’s not words. 🙂 I like your approach of working from the corners in, and I hope you have an awesome time with the section. Enjoy your blackwork project next year–I’ll look forward to your updates!


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