Stitching Saturday: Current Progress on all WIPs #1


I have been busy on the Stitch A Long being hosted by Peppermint Purple, and I’m really enjoy learning how to do blackwork. The Facebook group offers lot of support and help so I’m glad I joined it. I am amazed by how many layouts and borders Peppermint Purple has provided for this project too – I’ve seen at least 6!! The fillers are the same, but that’s it. So on to my progress starting with what it looked like last week:

This is the left hand corner of the outer border. Here is why I am now which is all caught up with the two fillers released so far this month. I’m still working on getting the borders done.

I’m stitching this on 25ct Natural Lugana even weave fabric. I’m working 1 over one for the cross stitches and 1 over 1 for everything else. This section plus a little of the border you don’t see brings my stitch count for the month up to 3,505.

Girl With the Pearl Earring

This project is coming along quite well, I just hope I have enough fabric to finish the backside of the girl! Here she is last week:

Here is what she looks like now:

I’m stitching her on 14ct Black Aida. I’m using standard 2 over 2 for the cross stitches, and my count is up to 706. I started in the middle of the fabric, but I think I should’ve started a little further to the left. Just have to see how she turns out.

The Land Baby

This project is also moving right along – right along into a big morass of color changes! In a section of 100 stitches, most of them are single stitches forcing me to change my thread more times in a minute than I blink!! Here is where she was last week:

Here is where I’m at now:

Looking at this picture, I need to add more to give it proper context and dimension since you can’t really tell how much I’ve done. This is being stitched on 18 ct white Aida(I think I forget…), and I’ve gotten 800 stitches done on it so far. I’m only doing a block of 100 stitches every other day. Slow but steady is how this one is going to go.

I think I’ve done some very good work this week. Once I get the borders done on the SAL, I’ll have only blocks to work on which is okay. It will give me time to do more on the other two projects.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and productive week as well.

I’ll see you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


2 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday: Current Progress on all WIPs #1

  1. All those color changes look tedious, but I guess it turns into satisfaction when seeing the result! Wonderful progress all around.

    These past couple of weeks, I’ve been occupied with random housekeeping that never seems to end, and I’m itching to work on some crafty projects–seeing the progress of my fellow crafters is both a balm and a trigger for the itch. 😉


  2. I’ll happily contribute to your deliquency and enable…er.. encourage you to scratch that itch! LOL

    The color changes are tedious but well worth the effort once I step back and see the end result.

    I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you create as your post on your plans sounded fantastic.

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