Stitching Saturday Current Progress on All WIPs #2

This week, I only have two Works In Progress aka WIPs to show because I ran out of room on the fabric I was using for Girl With the Pearl Earring. This means I have to start completely over. I’ve decided not to restart right away and instead, tomorrow, I’ll begin work on Stitchinati by Morti. I need a break from all the color changes I was doing with Girl.

Peppermint Purple 2023 SAL

This project is coming along very nicely, and I’m still enjoying it a great deal. I didn’t do as much work on it this week as I’d thought because I’ve been concentrating a bit more on Land Baby.

Here is where I was last week:

Here is where I am this week:

Sorry about the shadow, I took the picture as my son was stepping up behind me. I’ll be working on adding more detail work in the space between the frames in this center section tomorrow and Monday since those are my two days off this week, and I’ll have the time.

This project is being worked on 25ct Natural Laguna with the called for DMC floss. I’m doing 2 over 1 for the cross stitches and 1 over 1 for the rest. I’m up to 4,454 stitches now.

The Land Baby

This is my long term project full coverage which I plan to complete this year, and I’m on a good track so far this year.

Here is where I was last week:

The above didn’t give you a great deal of context to show you just how much I’ve done so, I took a better one this week:

I think this shows off my progress much better.

This is being stitched on 18ct white AIDA using DMC floss. I’ve done 1,500 stitches on it so far this year. That’s 15 blocks of 100 stitches.each. I think I’m doing quire well.

Next week, I’ll have progress on Stitchinati to show you, and I’m stitching in on the called for 25 ct Black Lugana using the called for floss, or most of it. I’ll tell you more next week. 🙂

Keep an eye out on my Personal Progress January 2023 to find out about the other projects I’m working on and a little bit of personal stuff about me. 🙂

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


2 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday Current Progress on All WIPs #2

  1. Oh no, I can’t believe you’ll need to rip out Girl! I’m hoping your thread won’t fall short when you eventually redo it? Land Baby and the blackwork look just awesome, though! I forgot to mention last time but I really like that pop of blue in the blackwork. I’ll see if I wanna borrow that idea for my new project too. (Even if not, it’s certainly going into my ideas book. 🙂 )


  2. Peppermint Purple had two suggested sets of colors for the SAL.. One is called Purple and has 6 shades of purple. The other is called Turquoise and has 6 shades of blues and greens. I chose Turquoise because I like green better than purple.

    I’ve looked at the layout for the SAL you’re doing, and I am actually considering doing it on black with variegated and solid colors. Not sure yet….

    While I am disappointed about Girl, I won’t abandon it, just postpone it.

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