Stitching Saturday: Current Progress on All WIPs #7 and…

A New Start!!

The new start is a project I’d planned to start at a much later date but ended up starting just recently due to issues with my back. There are days when I strain it a bit too much, and I can’t sit at my computer, or lay down, for long periods of time. It’s like having back labor – hurts too much to sit, to stand or to lie down for long periods of time. I had back labor with both boys after carrying them mainly on my bladder – ucks!

We’ll start with the Peppermint Purple SAL since it’s one of my two main foci.

Here is where I was last week:

This is being worked on 25ct Lugana Natural using the called for DMC colors. Cross stitching is 2 over 1 and blackwork is done in 1 over 1. A new box comes out every week, and that’s what I’m mainly working on as well as adding the outlines for more boxes. My stitch count is up to 7620 now.

Here is where I am this week:

Just the one box this week, but I’ll be adding outlines this week too. I really love this layout because it does look so delicate and lacy!

Next, we have The Land Baby which is my second main focus. I’ve been working on this for just over a year now, and I’m confident I’ll get it done this year. Here is where I was last week:

I’m using the mermaid to help give you perspective on how much is being done. I’m working this on 18ct white Aida using the called for DMC floss. All stitches are being done 2 over 2. My stitch count for the right side is up to 3400. I did the left part last year – 2022 – and I didn’t keep count.

Here is where I am this week:

I know right!! I have actually hit the right hand corner of the piece! I’m now working my way down to complete the top portion of the piece. I’ll be entering serious confetti with the next section, and the top was pretty heavy with it already. Still, I can see this piece coming to life with every little section I add to it so I’m happy to keep going.

Next is a wonderful piece created by a YouTuber, Mad Morti, and if you want to know where to get this pattern, ask me in the comments below. This is called Stitchinati: The All Sewing Eye. Here is where I was last week:

I’m working this lovely on 25ct black Lugana using the called for threads, I think. So far I am, but I think I’ll be substituting on some others. I’ll let you know when I do. I’m doing cross stitch 2 over 2. My stitch count is up to 534.

Here is where I am this week:

I didn’t take it out of its hoop because I plan on working on it some more tonight.

**New Start**

I mentioned this a bit ago as something I’d gotten and was planning on working on after one of the three above was done, but as I said, back issues forced me away from the computer so I had to use something with a paper pattern.

This is called Halloween Wizard G – according to the package. I love it because she’s green! Here is what it’s supposed to look like when it’s done:

I tried to find out if this was a knock off, and I couldn’t. If you know this under a different name, please let me know! I just started this, and I totally forgot to keep track of my stitch count so, I’m not going to worry about it with this one. It’s being stitched on the provided fabric which is 18 count Aida in a coffee color- the package doesn’t really say what it is beyond 18ct. The floss is provided as well and is just marked as being cotton. They are very soft.

Here is where I am today:

The blank spaces are where beads are supposed to go. So far, this is a quick stitch, but the beading is going to slow me up a bit I’m sure.

And that’s all my stitching for this week. I had a lot of fun with each one, and I’m looking forward to working on them some more this coming week.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


2 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday: Current Progress on All WIPs #7 and…

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I’m really having fun and seeing Land Baby growing as it is, it’s very exciting!
      I bought the Supernatural needle minder just before I began Land Baby last year. I got it from an Etsy store. I had no, and still don’t, plans to buy anymore.
      The kitten in the cup was given to me by my special gentleman friend.
      The Handbook is an homage to Beetlejuice the movie and to Ara from Bentley House Minis who is building the house from the movie. I was given this by a subscriber both to my blog and to her YouTube channel.
      I love all three of my minders, and I really don’t plan to buy more. That said, I won’t turn my nose up if I’m gifted any. They are quite useful.

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