Big Crochet Project #1: Fantasy Filet by Ferosa Harld Update #2

Here’s another update on the filet crochet project I’m working on. I did forget to measure it so, forgive me for that. I’ll have measurements on my next update.

Here is what it’s supposed to look like:

This photo is courtesy of Annie’s Attic where the booklet with this pattern in it is available.

Here is what it looked like last time you saw it:

Not really much to see. The bottom is 24 inches wide as you see, for now. The orientation on this piece is going to change slightly when I get back to that section. It’s not actually the bottom of the piece but an upper portion.

Here is where I am now so you can see what I mean:

It was hard to tell, before, which side was which, but it’s now clear. I’m actually working towards the head of the unicorn. The upper left is its jaw.

The tail you see on the bottom is a marker indicating where I’ll attach on to begin the rest of the unicorn’s body and legs. The upper legs will be done in smaller sections, and you can already see where they’re going to go.

This piece is not as big as the first one of these I made(this is only the second time I’ve made this), but it’s still going to be a good size. I think I should have gone with a much smaller hook. If I ever make another one of these, I’ll be going smaller with the hook. I’m using size 20 mercerized cotton thread which is small enough to me.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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