Stitching Saturday: Current Progress on All WIPs #10

I hope you have time to read all of this post since I have four projects to show you today. 🙂

Halloween Wizard G aka The Witch

This project came from TEMU. Here is what it’s supposed to look like:

This is a kit using cotton thread and 18 ct fabric that appears to be Aida. This is the only project I’m not keeping stitch count on as it’s just something I work on when I need to rest my back.

Here is where it was the last time I wrote about it:

The empty spaces are where beads are supposed to go. This project is broken up into four parts: two big and two small. This is the first big part. Here is where I am now:

I’m not happy with the beads. They came with the kit and to me, they’re just too big. They’ve basically clumped together and don’t make a very pleasing design. If I decide to do this again, I’ll use smaller beads.

Stitchinati: The All Sewing Eye

This project was designed and charted by Morti Bromilow aka Mad Morti over on YouTube. If you’re interested in getting a copy for yourself, she is selling them on her shop Hare Moon Crafts.

I am working this on 25ct Black Lugana using mostly DMC floss. Here is what it’s supposed to look like:

Here is where I am last time I talked about this:

This gold is a blend of yellow cotton thread and gold metallic. It’s not fun to stitch with, but I push through because it does look so cool.

Here is where I am at 862 stitches:

I’m following Morti’s instructions on how to stitch this to the letter so it will come out with the 3d look she designed for it. 🙂

Peppermint Purple Stitch A Long(SAL)2023

I’m still having fun with the black work stitch. I’m working it on 25ct Natural Lugana using the called for DMC floss in the Turquoise set. Here is where I at last time:

These squares are only 17 by 17, but they contain a lot of detail!

Here is where I am with this week’s filler. I’m up to about 8,697 stitches too.

I decided just to show the square this week, to show you more of the detail. 🙂

Last but never least is my oldest project at over a year old in the making:

The Land Baby

This is a chart made from a famous painting, and I have the link to it in last week’s post. The charter isn’t named, but I am so grateful to them for doing this! I am working this project on 18 ct White Aida using all DMC floss.

Here is where I was last week:

I was actually able to get quite a bit done on this during the past week: 600 stitches!! That brings my total for the right side up to 4,600! I didn’t keep count last year when I was working on the left side. I did write about it so you can check out the posts from last year on it if you’re interested.

Here is where I am now:

Next week, I’ll unfold the project so you can see the entire piece. It’s coming along nicely let me tell you!!


I hope to have the triangle on Stitchinati done by the end of the week so I can move on to the bobbin and needle inside of it.

For Land Baby, I plan to have the last square in the column done and then, I’m going to be working in rows again. This section is the second third of the entire piece. 🙂 I know I’ll have it done this year!

The SAL will get another square filled in, and I’m also going to outline another five. I don’t plan to start work on the outer border until I get more of the outer squares done. I want to make sure my count is right so I can stop finagling things.

The Witch is a project I work on from time to time, but I do plan to have the first small section done, or as much of it as I can, this week.

So there you have it! Another productive stitching week! I’ll see you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


2 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday: Current Progress on All WIPs #10

  1. They all look just great! It’s exciting to see each of them coming together week after week. Metallic thread looks awesome but as you say, it’s hard to use–I’ve tried knitting with metallic yarn, and I’m definitely not a fan. (I’ve since unraveled the project.)


    1. I think anything fiber that has metallic added is a bit of a pain to use. I’d use metallic yarn only for decor since it’s not very comfortable either.

      I’m very happy with the progress on these projects, and I enjoy seeing them come along as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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