YouTube Tuesday Double Feature: The Northwoods Stitcher and Stitching with my littlie

I have discovered both of these channels just recently, and I’m quite taken with both of them for different reasons. I just felt the need to share them both, and I hope you’ll like them too.

The Northwoods Stitcher

This is Sarah from Maine and no, that’s not wine though it wouldn’t be a bad thing if it was. She has a crafting space I would love to have! What makes her stand out from all the rest of the stitchers I’ve watched so far is her way of sharing tips and tricks she’s learned over the many years she’s stitched while also sharing her work.

She has some great ideas for finishing as well. In her latest video she did a tour of her space, and she talked about all the different ways she’s organized and stored her things. I like some of the tools she’s talked about too.

Her stitching is varied too and so much fun to see! I highly recommend you take a peek at her first video above and at least leave a comment for her.

Stitching with my littlie

This is Kayla and her daughter, Lauren, though you can’t see them in the video above yet lol. What sets them apart from the other mother/daughter duos is Lauren is either 12 or 13. She’s a very talented stitcher in her own right though she does let mom, Kayla, do her back stitching for her. I think she’ll start doing it when she’s a bit older.

Both of them have different things they stitch though they both like some of the same designers. Lauren is very helpful to her mom too, as you’ll see in their most recent video. They only have 3 so far so you won’t have to watch many to get caught up.

I love how the two interact with each other, it makes me miss not having a daughter of my own. Neither of my two boys stitch either. Perhaps my daughter in law might take it up with me….

As always, if you like them leave them a comment if nothing else. We can always use a bit of feedback from others.

I really hope you’ll give these two a look and maybe, subscribe to them. 🙂

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


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