My First Market Countdown – 4 Days to Go!

Emmy, my daughter in law, and I are going to our first farmer’s market where we will be vendors, not buyers. We’re both so excited and nervous about this!

I’ve been making small things mostly, but I do have two items that are a bit larger. I’m making a trinket bowl with roses on the side of the top rim and a light and airy spring shawl. I should have both done by the time we go to market, along with several more small projects. What I don’t get done this weekend, I’ll have ready for next weekend, depending on how we feel after the market

The market is called the Lufkin Farmer’s Market located here in Lufkin Texas. It’s located on property owned by the VFW. They are at a new location and are leasing this property to a lady who is in charge of the market. The first two weeks are free of charge to vendors, and we’re allowed whatever size site we need as well. After that, fees are $10 a day which isn’t bad.

Hours are 9am to 4pm giving us plenty of time to have people come by to see us, and we plan to do some walking around to check out other vendors. Emmy has already met a gentleman who works with resin the way she does, but he uses it to make knife/sword handles while she makes more decorative items.

I’m keeping my fingers, and toes, crossed the weather is nice enough for us to be out all day, but we’ll see how it goes. I will be taking pictures and videos of our tables and other stuff while at market, and I’ll be sharing it with you the following day.

Wish us luck!!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


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