Big Crochet Project #2: Crocheted Wedding Veil

I got a free ebooklet from years ago with different wedding patterns in it. I kept it for just in case purposes and now, I’m going to try my hand at making the bridal veil in case my future daughter in law wants to use it for her wedding to my son. 🙂

The pattern was created by Christina Marie Potter, and it consists of the veil’s trim. flower embellishments and the cover for the comb everything will be attached to once it’s complete. I did find the pattern for this project on her Ravelry page:

Wedding Veil and Purse Project

I’ve begun work on the trim which is whatever length you choose the veil to be. The veil I’m going to be making is 5 meters(16.40 feet) by 48 centimeters(19.3 inches). Yup, it’s going to be long, but it has to be to be flipped up over her face.

It consists of 3 steps repeated making a “flower”

Each flower is about an inch long(2.54 cm), and I have calculated I need to make about 192 of them. I have about 33 of them done so far.

This could make a lovely lace collar don’t you think. 🙂

The flowers are easy to make, but it can be monotonous making them so I’ll be watching television while I make them. Stay tuned to see more progress on this veil 🙂

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


3 thoughts on “Big Crochet Project #2: Crocheted Wedding Veil

  1. Wow that is quite the intended size! The flowers look really pretty, and they do look perfect for a delicate lace collar. Your future daughter-in-law is lucky to be receiving this handmade gift. Looking forward to your updates on this one.


    1. I can see where this would make a nice collar 🙂 The thread is size 19 so not so small as the size 20 I used for the unicorn. I’m over the halfway mark on the trim and then, I have flowers to make 🙂

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