Market Recap #2

Em and I went to the VFW here in Lufkin where they’re allowing vendors to set up, and the VFWs auxillary has been running a snack bar in the building. Proceeds from the snack bar as well as half of the table fees goes to support the VFW, and I’m happy to help as I can. Em feels the same way.

These were the only pictures I had time to take before people started arriving. We stayed busy from around 8:30am to around 2pm when we packed up and called it a day.

We met a lot of very nice people, customers and fellow vendors alike. It was nice hearing how some of them had missed us last week when we didn’t go. 🙂 One of our fellow vendors bought an octopus and a skull from Em to use as inspiration for some pieces he has in mind to make. That really made her day.

Going to market once a week has had a positive impact on both of us, and we’re going to keep going as often as we can. Both of us are introverts and not happy being around people in general, but we’ve actually gotten used to this venue so, we’re happy to keep going.

I’ll be adding items to my Etsy shop this week for sure. I just need to get pictures taken. At least here, you can see more of the smalls I’ve been making 🙂

Suggestions for what to make for market are welcome too, just leave them in the comments below.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


2 thoughts on “Market Recap #2

  1. So many goodies! (Looks like your umbrella is turning out to be super-useful, haha…) Glad you’re enjoying your market time–welcoming places are a joy to (re)visit. 🙂

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    1. Yes, the VFW is fantastic for letting us use their property for things like this. The new owners of the old site raised the prices pretty high so the organizer of our group moved to the VFW. Interestingly enough, there are still vendors at the other site, and I do wish them well.

      Em and I have made friends with the vendors who set up around us pretty regularly, and we’ve made it a point to visit the others further on during the day. It’s funny because Em and I are both introverts and don’t like being around people. Market Day is different, and we’re both glad we’ve gotten out of our comfort zones and done this.

      I can’t wait for this Saturday! 🙂

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