Saturday Stitches: End of Week 3 of HSAL and MSAL Update

HSAL is what I’m calling this Halloween themed Stitch-A-Long from Stitchonomy I’m currently doing. The MSAL is the Mystery Stitch-A-Long from Linens and Threads I’m also doing. Anita from My (mis)adventures with yarn is doing these two projects with me, and I encourage you to check out what she’s done on them!

The HSAL is a daily pattern release project, and I’ve just completed Week 3. I believe there are 10 blocks left to fill in after yesterday’s block. Today’s block hasn’t been released yet. Below is the picture of my progress thus far:

End of Week 3 progress

This week, we had :

  1. The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, a movie and originally a story the producer told his children before bed.
  2. A ghost ship for The Flying Dutchman, a legend from the Netherlands.
  3. A man being bricked up in a wall for Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado.
  4. Cthulhu from The Call of Cthulhu written by H.P. Lovecraft.
  5. A clock for Poe’s A Telltale Heart.
  6. Slenderman from the urban myth created from a story from
  7. A man looking at a painting for The Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde.

If I missed one, let me know, but I think I got all of them done. 🙂 I’ll be adding eyes and details once the project is done. I’ll be changing the eyes in the painting to red because it’s supposed to be showing Dorian’s evil nature.

On to the MSAL, this fun project hosted by Linens and Things is a monthly block pattern, and I’m having lots of fun with it. I’ll be showing you the block for September. October just came out, and I haven’t worked on it yet. Anita’s version of this is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring so, once again, I encourage you to check out her posts about it!

September’s Block

This one came out very well, and I’m excited to get to work on the next block – it’s nearly done, and I’ve enjoyed every month so far! I’ll be framing this one with great pride and will definitely being doing next year’s as well!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Saturday Stitches: End of Week 2 of Halloween themed SAL 2021

This is what my current project: Halloween SAL(A Storybook Halloween) hosted by Stitchonomy looks like at the end of another week. I still need to add eyes to some of the characters as well as do some outlining so things stand out more. The designer didn’t add any back stitching to anything, but the participants are encouraged to make the piece there own so I’m going to add things where I feel they’re needed.

I want to add Glow in the Dark thread to the backgrounds of each block, but I’m beginning to wonder if I should. In most cases, it won’t enhance anything. Many of the blocks don’t lend themselves to having the thread added especially since it’s white in regular light. I am still going to do some experimenting and leave the entire decision to the very end.

I am still enjoying working on this piece every day. 🙂

Here are the blocks and their related stories for this week. If you’re new here, you can find the previous blocks here.

Block 9: A Mask for the short story The Mask written by Alyssa Westhoek in 2015.

Block 10 : Cousin Itt from the Addams Family which was based on cartoons created by Charles Addams in 1938.

Block 11: A Woman in Black for The Woman in Black novel written by Susan Hill in 1983.

Block 12: A Clown for the story It written by Stephen King.

Block 13: A Monster and a Mad Scientist for Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

Block 14: Two Kids in a Pot for Hansel and Gretel a fairy tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm.

Block 15: A Poisoned Apple for Goblin Market a long poem written by Christina Rosetti.

The piece is slated to have its last pattern released on 20 October, just in time for Halloween on the 31st! This means it’s halfway done for those of us who joined the Pattern Club – it allows us early access to the patterns. For those enjoying the free version of the SAL, the patterns will come later but the entire thing still comes to an end on 30 Oct. 2021.

I am already thinking of framing the piece with either gold or orange matting. Maybe both if I can find it, and it’s not too expensive.

If you like how things are shaping up, let me know in the comments below! If you’re working on this SAL too, drop me a link so I can check out your work and share it too!!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Stitching Saturday

Hey, I’m back to share with you my continuing journey with the Halloween SAL(A Storybook Halloween) hosted by Stitchonomy! For those of you not in the know, SAL means Stitch-A-Long. It’s where a designer, or group of designers, create a project which they release parts of on a timeline of their choosing. The Halloween SAL I am currently involved in releases a pattern every day. The Mystery Stitch-A-Long by Linen and Threads releases theirs once a month. These projects have a start and finish date, but the finish date is really when someone gets done – patterns are kept available for free for a time after the initial finish date so there’s really not a need to rush.

So, I started on 10 Sept which was a Friday, and my last pattern to date was done yesterday, 17 Sept. The patterns drop at 2pm Central Time, and I didn’t feel like waiting to share this with you!

This was how it looked when I first started:

As you can see, I changed the eyes on my cats because I didn’t like how they looked. I originally used a French Knot, but I didn’t like how big they were. I then changed over to the Colonial Knot which is smaller and for me, easier to make. All of the red dots you see are the Colonial Knot. I’m still not crazy about the look but with the size constraint, making a drop of blood that’s realistic isn’t possible. I’ve seen pictures of people using beads, and they aren’t much better.

I haven’t done the backgrounds on these little gems because I’m planning to use Glow in the Dark thread. It’s white in the light so I’m going to have to get creative to have everything still look pretty creepy in the dark. Any ideas on the cats? If I outline them, they will look more like bats, and I don’t think their eyes will show up.

Also, any ideas on the spine of the book? I think it’s a bit plain even with the sparkly letters. What about the pages?? It’s great the designer provided a floss list to use but is still allowing the use of other colors of the creator’s choice. Still, I could use any ideas or suggestions you have because I’m just not sure….

I am really enjoying this SAL, and I’ve found myself looking forward to the next pattern with a great deal of anticipation.

So, here are the blocks and the stories they’re related to:

Block One: Black Cats for Edgar Allen Poe’s Black Cat

Block Two: The Pumpkin King for The Nightmare Before Christmas

Block Three: A Moth for the Mothman Prophecies

Block Four: The Babuk(Sack Man) for (mainly) Czech folklore.

Block Five: Beetlejuice which is actually based on a book by the same name

Block Six: A Raven for Poe’s famous poem

Block Seven : A Fanged Mouth for Dracula

Block Eight: A House for The Haunting of Hill House


If you decide to join the SAL, the free version started yesterday with the frame pattern and floss list having been released for both paid and free versions last week, or maybe sooner, I forget. The paid version – joining the Pattern Club – had its patterns started last week. I joined the club so I could get started sooner and finish sooner.

This project is a lovely break from Fred, but I still need to get Fred done by the end of the year so I don’t want to be away from it too long.

If you do decide to join the SAL, let me know in the comments below with a link to wherever you’ll be posting your own journey so I can follow along! I’d love to see what others make!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!

Saturday Stitches

I’ve decided to change Saturday’s subject matter to all things related to stitching: cross stitching, sewing, embroidery etc. This doesn’t include crochet or knitting since that’s for Friday.

My first project is the Halloween SAL: A Storybook Halloween 2021 hosted by Stitchonomy. I am doing this project with Anita from My (mis?)adventures with yarn, and I’m hoping we can both keep up because they will be releasing patterns every day from 10 Sept to 11 Oct. I have done the first block, which you’ll see here, but I have yet to get the pattern for today so you’ll have to wait until next Saturday to see it along with everything I stitch this week. I am waiting for more floss because I don’t have all the colors on the list, but I am going to do what I can.

This part of the frame and the first block. The blocks are all related to stories so this first one references Poe’s The Black Cat.

The eyes and the tails didn’t come out quite the way I wanted them to but overall, the cats came out well. I am still not sure about the spine and pages of the frame which is a book so if anyone has any suggestions I’d like to read them. I am not changing the lettering or the gold on the pages, but if you think it needs more, let me know please.

This is the first SAL(Stitch-A-Long) of this kind I’ve ever done so I’m excited to do this. I am making this first one for myself so the small mistakes aren’t going to bother me.

Thanks for stopping in, and I’ll see you on the flipside so don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!