Television Series Review – Restaurants on the Edge

I HAD to share this television series I found on Netflix. It stars Chef Dennis Prescott, restauranteur Nick Liberato and Interior Designer Karin Bohn. They go to restaurants who are struggling to stay open despite their fantastic views.

I really like Dennis Prescott. He is very big on locally sourced food rather than buying it wholesale or importing. If it can be sustainable and green, he’s even happier. He really loves simple recipes and comfort food. The food he’s eaten and prepared on the show has been amazing! He always adds something delicious to the menus of the places he’s helped save.

Nick Liberato is fantastic too. He is so savvy when it comes to marketing and social media. He’s also very good at relating to people and helping them realize the problem points with their businesses. He comes up with some fabulous solutions to building buzz and awareness of the different places he’s been involved with. He made a logo for one place and a signature cocktail for another.

Karin Bohn seems to be good at her job. Nobody has complained about her work – they won’t show you anyone who has so there’s that. I like she wants to bring in local art and culture into the spaces she works with, but there are times when I haven’t liked her ideas. She also comes off a bit fake to me, and that doesn’t sit well with me.

This show has two seasons so far, beginning in 2019, and I’m only halfway through the first season. I hope they keep making more shows! Check them out of Netflix now!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!