Personal Update – 18 July, 2018

I actually had to check to see which month we were in. 🙂

Lots of things going on in my life right now.

Didn’t get the dental surgery I was supposed to get.  The dental surgeon not being there was the biggest reason, but the official reason is my jaw isn’t strong enough yet to handle the bigger pins.  This means waiting until November just to be reevaluated!  It bites, but I don’t want the pins to come out this time so, I’m doing everything I’m told for once.

I quit my job.  I wasn’t all that happy in it to begin with – was having to make myself go, which says a lot right there.

My dearest friend, Sandra, is dying of Stage 4 Cervical cancer which has spread in the form of tumors all over her abdomen and neck.  She’s barely eating because of the tumors pressing on her colon and stomach.  She’s lost a lot of weight, has a nurse coming in at least once a week to check on her and make sure she has what she needs.  The doctors have given up trying to “cure” her and are just trying to make her comfortable as she nears the end.  They had given her a year, but in the few short months since they stopped all treatment, she’s gone downhill fast.  The nurse and her husband, Claude, who is also a friend of mine, don’t think she’ll make it to Thanksgiving.  I agree.

Since I told them I left my job, they’ve asked me to move in and be Sandra’s sitter.  She needs someone to be with her when Claude is at work, and the lady who was originally supposed to do it has not worked out.  I have applied to the hospice where she is registered for care, to see about being paid to be her sitter, but I’d do it for free simply because she needs me.  She’s the type of friend, and person, I’d do anything for.

They don’t have internet at their house since they live in a rural area, not yet anyway, so after this post, I won’t be online for a while.  This means no more posts from me for a bit.  I’ll do my best to get back on whenever I can, but Sandra is my main focus.

I’ll write blogs on paper and save them up for when I get back 😀  Then, you’ll see so many posts from me you’ll wish I would go offline again. lol

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver.  Anyone seen my car?


Roller Coaster Ride

I don’t like roller coasters simply because I almost fell out of the Texas Cyclone back when I was 14. I’m also very afraid of falling because of that.

Anyway, three days ago I stopped blogging – not sure if you noticed or not. 🙂

I stopped for two days because I was feeling meh.  I wasn’t really depressed or bored even though I had to make myself do things.  I felt like I was in a holding pattern waiting for something to start.  I was sad too, but it was not like depressed or want to cry.  It’s hard to explain.

Then, yesterday, I spent most of the day with my friends, Sandra and Claude.  They’re a married couple who will be celebrating their 9th year this year.  Sandra has been battling with Stage 4 cancer for the last two years – at least – maybe three.  She had surgery – total hysterectomy, most of her liver, some of her bladder.  Tumors keep showing up.  She’s on the third kind of chemo medication now – she’s too far gone for radiation which, at this point, would kill her quicker than the disease.  The meds she’s being given shrink some tumors while others get larger.  New ones show up no matter what.  We mostly hung around their house and talked.  She stays busy making things for veterans and other cancer patients – she’s just that way.  Her husband is a giver too- he’d give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  Even after the visit, I still didn’t feel like blogging.

Today, I started training for my new job at a fast food joint.  Yeah, it’s not a great job but after being unemployed for so long and really needing the money, I was willing to take any job.  I spent 71/2 hours on my feet with no break because they were so busy and so short staffed I couldn’t take even a short break.  It was the people I was serving, rather than the people I worked with, who reminded me of why I quit fast food over 20 years ago.  Especially having to clean the men’s room.  I raised two boys, and neither were anywhere as nasty as the men who used our bathroom!  Still, it’s a job.

So I’ve been riding a roller coaster most of this week, and it’s finally rolled to a stop.  I’m back to feeling motivated and focused, wanting to do things, make things, write things….  You’ll be getting a movie review only on my days off so be warned!  I’ll review The Penal Colony by Kafka tomorrow – after work.

That’s all for tonight so, I’ll see you on the flipside.  Don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver – we might make reservations at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe – you never know.