Harrison – Ever After

This book is written by Kim Harrison and is part of the Books of the Hollows series.  This book is published by Harper Voyager an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers copyrighted 2013.  The copy I have is a paperback of 496 pages plus a bonus short story at the end.

I liked the first book in this set, Dead Witch Walking.  I’ve not read the others – this one was given to me as a gift.  I’m not big on romance(yeah a chick who doesn’t like romance go figure), but this one did have some pretty good scenes despite it.

This book is a fantasy novel with witches, demons, an elf or two and plenty of gargoyles to round out the fun.  These are walking, talking, even flying gargoyles, and I liked how they were treated by this author. 🙂 It brought some freshness to the genre, imho.

Our heroine is Rachel who is a half demon witch, among other things.  Her love interest and sometime pain in the butt, is an elven tycoon named Trent Kalamack who was much more than a rich elf.  Then, there’s the people who help them and/or are a part of their lives.

It would take to long to name the rest of the cast of this book, but I do suggest reading it.  There’s enough action and butt kicking scenes to even out the romantic stuff so guys(I mean those of the male persuasion)don’t feel too dorky reading this book once your girl gets done with it. 🙂

Short and sweet, like me except the sweet part. 🙂

Catch you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver – Winter isn’t over yet!



This is a Netflix created and produced movie starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.  I read all the bad reviews about the movie from the news stories, they even went so far as to say it was the worst film of 2017.  How did they come to this conclusion – money.  It didn’t make a lot of money from people wanting to see it before it came out and from other factors I know nothing about.  These stories said it was Will’s worst movie to date even.  Thing was, none of these reporters thought to ask what people thought – real people like you and me.

On Facebook, not long after the show aired in December 2017, lots of people were posting about how good it was.  They liked the revamping of the Orc story as well as the great way Elves were portrayed.  With the good and the bad reviews in mind, I decided to watch the show myself – I’ve always hated to be told what to do.

Will Smith is Officer Daryl Ward, a father and a husband.  He’s also just recovered from being shot by a gang member because his partner didn’t have his back.  It’s something he’s still having issues with.

Joel Edgerton is Officer Nick Jakoby, an unblooded Orc, and the partner whose mistake got Officer Ward shot.

This movie addresses racism in a roundabout way as well as being pretty tongue-in-cheek about a lot of other issues our society is dealing with now.

The story is about the partners coming upon the scene of a horrendous attack, finding a girl mounted on a wall, still alive and *gasp* a magic wand.

In this world, a magic wand is a weapon of mass destruction – only a Bright, a mage, can handle it, and they are considered criminals who are usually terminated on the spot.  If anyone besides a Bright handles the wand, it goes off like a massive energy wave killing anyone in its path – vaporizes them.

Anyway, Will reports the finding of the wand and then, he and his partner find themselves running from the law, from gang members, from demented Elves and from this world’s version of the FBI, all with the injured girl who is an Elf and a Bright.

I think people should see this movie if only so they can thumb their noses at the critics.  In my humble opinion this was not one of Will Smith’s worst movies, it’s not one of his best either but hey, it’s paying his bills. 🙂  I enjoyed the movie itself though some parts were just plain silly – the rest made up for it.

See you on the flipside my friends and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!