Writing Prompt #1 Switching Genders

I’ve decided to step away from the Writer Igniter and the book I was getting my prompts from because I want to try something a bit different. Something I hope will get your juices flowing if nothing else. This week’s prompt is thus:

Think of your favorite fictional character – doesn’t matter if they’re from a book, a movie or a television series. They just can’t be real.

Think about how they look, how they move, and how they behave.

Now, change their gender. If they’re male, they become female. If they’re female, they become male.

Without saying their name, use them in a scene. Describe them in such a way we would be able to tell who they are without knowing their name. If they have a companion, don’t say their companion’s name either.

Once you’re done with the scene, you can say who the character is, if you want. I’ll be letting you all post your guesses in the comments after my attempt at this. Let me know if you like this prompt or not too. Be sure to keep the scene fairly short. Too much detail, like too many cooks spoiling the soup, will spoil the surprise.

She flicked a piece of lint off the sleeve of her tweed coat with a blunt tipped finger, the nail trimmed so it barely rose about the nailbed. Her eyes fell on her legs, and she eyed them critically. Despite the generous cut of the trouser legs, she could still see the contours of her calves.

I need to walk more, she told herself. The muscle tone is off. Can’t have that.

She lit a thin cigarette and looked about her. Her companion frowned at her, but they remained silent.

“You enjoy the occasional cigar,” she said, flicking ash onto the sidewalk.

“I am not a woman,” they reminded her.

“Indeed not,” she replied, her attention on the traffic. “We have a visitor. Let us return to our rooms.”

She turned on her heel and headed inside, a hand briefly touching the hat perched neatly on her thick bun.

“I hate this hat,” she muttered.

Her companion chuckled.

“It becomes you,” they said. “Besides, people expect to see you wear it.”

Her full lips thinned, but she stayed silent.

So, do you know who the character is?

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


Art, Writing, and the Pursuit of Expression

Another interesting blog to share!

Adam west

Death would have been better…

If only for a fleeting span…

Clouded, blind, and flailing.

Moments, like days, can trip near any foot. Toe-catchers we’ll call them. There is something unique about moments, they lie beyond measured time, they endure minutes. The painting above has something to do with that, in an obscure, far-off, and unexplained way…

There are moments that bend toward a drawn out stuckness, a mire of trapping, that elusive span of time can grab hold and dwell. Some should be held. Others still, hold darker lingerings.

Why do I write? Or paint?

It’s because of these very moments… the ones that threaten who we wish to be, those breaths where everything seems to snatch away… and sometimes do. When we are left with only ourselves.

I write for the notion of expression. For the harried moments that breathe life into a heart-wrecked soul.

This painting is…

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Writing Prompt: Book Exercise #3

This week, we’re doing another exercise from the book, What If?: Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers by Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter. This is from Chapter 68 about Adverbs and Adjectives.

It’s a long standing debate between using adverbs in dialogue or not :

“To be or not to be,” quoteth Hamlet sadly. vs “To be or not to be,” quoteth Hamlet.

*Yes I know that’s not a perfect quote. It’s just an example.*

Personally, I try very hard not to use adverbs in my dialogue. I try to let my words convey meaning and feeling though it’s all open to interpretation by the reader.

In this exercise, the focus isn’t on using adverbs in dialogue. It’s about using adverbs and adjectives in everything else, and mostly about the detrimental effects of using weak ones. These descriptors should be used to enhance the mood, the scene, whatever they’re a part of – not detract. Here’s an example used in the book where they were used well:

She had been to Germany, Italy, everywhere that one visits acquisitively. – Elizabeth Bowen, The Last September.

Within the parson’s house death was zealously kept in view and lectured on. – Isak Dinesen, “Peter and Rosa”

Page 190 Exercise 68 Taboos: Weak Adverbs and Adjectives


Find a story you really like and go to page at random. On this page, find all the adjectives and adverbs,circle them and determine if they’re weak or strong. If you think they’re weak, change them to those you think are strong.

The objective is to learn how to avoid using them unless they add to what you’re trying to say and then, using only strong ones.

While I reluctantly leave you now, I eagerly await our next meeting.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!

Personal Update – March 20

The world is under attack by a virus – something that acts like the flu but is much worse. It hits people over 60 and those with chronic conditions that weaken their immune systems harder than anyone else. New cases pop up all the time it seems, and the death toll is rising. Countries are closing their borders, banning travel out of, into and through out their lands. The media is having a field day reporting only bad news and not really sharing the good news. The good news, more people have recovered from this virus than have died from it. You don’t hear about that though.

I am one of those who are “at risk” as I take a medication that suppresses my immune system. I tested positive for the virus, the COVID-19, and I’m on self isolation until I either recover or get worse which will mean quarantine at an air force base in Houston Texas, or possibly Beaumont. I haven’t asked about that because I don’t think I’m going to be that bad. I hope not at any rate.

Keeping Busy:

My Pretty Futon

This is what the futon in my livinroom looks like with my last two projects on it. The plush is the Valentine’s gift my gentleman friend got for me because he knows how much I like cats. He’s so sweet! I have decided to go through my bookmarks and make the projects on those pages. I have quite a few bookmarks so it’s going to take me a while. Currently, I have two afghans and a body pillow in the works. When I run out of yarn, I have crochet thread I can work with. 🙂

Work: I had to quit my job. Not just because I have an infectios virus but because I could get sick again working there. The company doesn’t provide paid sick days. It penalizes you for missing even a single day, and it doesn’t excuse more than one or two days even with doctor excuses. People come to work with the common cold, flu, bronchitis, even pneumonia with several I only heard about!! The place is kept cold, sure, but I am susceptible to even the smallest, most benign of these conditions. My doctor advised me I needed to find a different job or I risk getting sick again. The second time might not be so gentle on me.


Mediterranean style Pierogis

I found a recipe for pierogis online, and I love pierogis so I decided to make some. The recipe said I could use anything for the filling if I didn’t want to go traditional. I didn’t have any potatoes or sausage so, I used what I had. I diced up two different kinds of squash, some yellow onion and some mushrooms. I used ricotta cheese as well. The sauce is Tahini sauce, just a little thicker than what you find in restaurants. I love the smoky taste of the roasted sesame seed this sauce has, and it was perfect for the pierogis!! I’m going to make more when I can get more flour and some potatoes for a more traditional dish. Next experiment: Korean pancakes!!

Writing: I’m doing some freelance writing while I slowly put the second draft of Golden Knave on the computer. I don’t really like typing on a computer, but I’m getting better at it from all the stuff I’m doing. I’m learning a lot about freelancing, and I might write some posts about my experiences, if anyone is interested. Let me know, please.

Randomness: I tried watching Harrow, but I’m having a hard time relating to the man, Harrow, himself. I can’t stand his girlfriend, one of the others in the ensemble cast. I don’t like how she behaves. The rest of the cast is okay. I watched three episodes of Manifest and lost interest. I watched half of the first season of 9-1-1, and I like it.

I’ve also read the book before the newest one by J.D. Robb, and I’ll write a review for it soon.

I watched a couple of movies, The Osiris Child and the 10th Kingdom. I’ll write reviews for them too.

Not much else is going on right now since I’m stuck inside, but I’ll try to keep writing articles for you to read. 🙂

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Website is Updated! 9 Feb. 2020

It’s been a while since I update my website over on sitey, but I finally did it. I need to tweak a few things still, but all the links to my book, Crimson Knight, are now active. This makes me feel better. I still have a ways to go to get everything the way I want it, over here and over there, but it’s in the making so Yay Me!!

Anyone else have issues with keeping their websites updated?? Feel free to share your story/ies here!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Crimson Knight print version : https://www.amazon.com/dp/1794494480

Crimson Knight ebook version : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008W9ZH22 This is available for free from Kindle Unlimited.

Crimson Knight audio book version: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RWFD7TC

Please leave a review no matter which version you get. If I don’t know how you feel, I can’t fix things or make things better.

*Note* I know about the formatting issues in the print and ebook versions, and they are being worked out.